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Mapping Resources at Harvard-MIT

Lunchtime discussion for members from different disciplines across Harvard and MIT to map out the resources that might be of use to each other (e.g. people, expertise, groups, initiatives, facilities).
Mapping Resources at Harvard-MIT

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  1. It is important that everyone that signs up to attend this event does so. 
  2. Please note that a new event format is being adopted to accommodate the COVID-19 restrictions being imposed. Further details relating to the practicalties of the event will be distributed closer to the time. If any technical issues arise during the event please bare with us as we adapt to the new circumtances.
  3. Networking is at the core of NHBE and to facilitate this we will be distributing an attendee list prior to the event. We recommend that you browse this ahead of the event to help you form useful connections. The details you provide during the registration process will form the basis of the attendee list and will therefore be shared with others. 

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