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Tools to Help the Global Leadership Team

The website allows us to create and manage events and ticketing. Instruction pages on this can be found here. You should have received an invitation to create an account with permissions to do this. If not please email the Director. When creating events an image is required. Free stock images can be sourced from Pexels. The rest of our website is largely static and does not require editing on a regular basis. Any editing outside of the Events section should only be made by the Director.

We use Twitter and a Facebook Page and Group. To help us efficiently manage our these accounts we use Hootsuite. This allows us to post to multiple platforms from a single place, schedule posts in advance and set the dates and times for these to be posted. For instructions on using Hootsuite see here. The login details for these accounts are as follows: 

  • Hootsuite - username: NHBE, email:, password: Research (note capital 'R')

  • Twitter - username: Nature, Health and Built Environment (NHBE), handle: @nhbe_org, password: research

We use a Slack workspace for all internal communication. Slack is a messaging service that reduces email traffic and allows for discussions to be grouped by topic. The workspace can be accessed via the website or the apps for desktops and phones. Instructions on using Slack can be found here. Our workspace is: You should have received an invitation to join. If not please email the Director.

We have a Mail Chimp account for managing the newsletter and our mailing lists. Please use Mail Chimp to manage your mailing lists, manually add new members and collect signups from new members via online forms. There are separate mailing lists for the whole group and individual institutions as well as ones dedicated to promotional activity and our Advisory Boards.

We have a shared Google Drive for us to store all files. Within it there are subfolders for each institution as well as subfolders for working groups (i.e. Communication, Website Development and Fundraising).

We have a shared Google Calendar for use of the Global Leadership Team only. This is not to be shared to other members or the public.

Trello is used by the Oxford cluster to manage tasks between its team members.

We use Skype for video calls. There are groups for the Global Leadership Team and the working groups (Communications, Expansion, Website Development and Fundraising).

We have a YouTube Channel that allows us to live stream events, take questions in the comments, and share videos after the event.

Add a News Article with a short summary and a link. You can also add a video for extra engagement. Be detailed and thorough to interest your readers, and include links to the original story online.

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